From Basement to Bedroom: Building a Guest Room in time for the Holidays!

July 26th, 2011

Washington Home and Garden Magazine reminds us that it is time to get ready for the holidays and to host the people we love by providing them with comfortable, cozy guest rooms. The article has excellent tips on how to make sure your guests have the best time possible.

Creating a guest room or in-law suite is a great way to make use of your finished basement. It adds extra space as well as a place for family and friends to stay when they come and visit. It could even help if someone needed to stay in your home for a prolonged period of time. Fill the room with comfortable furnishings to make a guest feel at home.

However, not everyone has a room to spare and transform into a guest room.

If you have an unfinished basement, in a matter of days you can turn it into a room your guests will love. All you need is proper basement waterproofing to make sure it is dry and suitable for finishing, and the proper basement finishing system.

Our patented, award-winning drainage system can be installed in a matter of days, complete with the most reliable sump pump system available today, guaranteed to keep your basement dry all the time. You can then finish your basement with Total Basement Finishing wall, floor and ceiling systems that can be quickly installed with no mess.

You will have a dream guest room for about 50% less than the cost of building an addition, and have it all done in time for the holidays.

Contact us for a free estimate and let us show you the options you have to create a dry, safe and healthy environment in your basement, suitable for finishing.


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