Man Cave Ideas Your Better Half Would Approve Of

August 15th, 2013

Hey guys, we’re not really comparing you to Neanderthal cavemen. We understand that you have indeed evolved from writing on the walls, throwing things, and grunting “Ounga Uunga” (although you mother could probably share some stories).

In fact, there is a part of us “other halves” that envy the societal acceptance of “The Man Cave” concept. A place where you can craft, watch HGTV, sip lattes, pin awesome images, chat with friends (oh wait, wrong room).

While what you do in your man cave is up to you (within reason), is would be prudent to consider input from your better half in deciding how to construct this special room (a.k.a., listen up guys!).

Before you hastily relocate the mini-fridge, old recliner and larger-than-life electronics to the basement, take a step back and map out plan with your significant other. Chances are, you might miss some cool ideas in your rush towards solitude.

Here are a few design ideas that could work for both of you:

The Corner Bar

basement bar in a man cave

The Corner Bar – Where everybody knows your name, and your brand is always in stock.

No worries about parking or driving home with your very own basement bar.

Tailgating Sports Room

watching tv sports in the basement man cave

Tailgating Sports Room – Where your team always wins.

You can’t have a man cave without some sports bonding.

Personal Pool Hall

Pool Table in basement man cave

Personal Pool Hall – Rack ’em up, no waiting at your favorite table.

Music Venue

Music room set up in the basement

Music Venue – Kick up the amp!

“Early Dorm” Regression Room

If negotiations completely break down, you can always agree to disagree and settle for a primitive space, reminiscent of simpler times. “Ounga Uunga!”

Dorm Room

(photo via:

If you need help coming up with a plan, check out more man cave ideas, then contact Total Basement Finishing for your free estimate to make it a reality!

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