Basement Wall Products for Every Purpose

March 3rd, 2016

basement wall panelsIf you’re looking to finish your basement, you’ve probably considered using drywall to cover the walls, perhaps with fiberglass insulation batts. Unfortunately, these products perform very poorly in the basement environment, where mold and moisture can cause significant damage to traditional building materials.

At Total Basement Finishing, we have quality basement wall panels that prevent these problems. Made from completely inorganic, waterproof materials, our wall products work perfectly for all types of basement finishing projects!

  • Insulating a living space: Looking to turn your basement into a living room, bedroom, or playroom? EverLast Wall Panels come with our unique SilverGlo Insulation built-in, allowing you to insulate and finish exterior walls with one panel! These panels provide superior R-value to traditional insulation, a Class A fire rating, and a completely inorganic material that will never be damaged by water or mold.
  • Brightening a work area: If you have a utility room, workshop, or storage area in your basement, you may not need a full finishing system. In those cases, we recommend BrightWall or ZenWall panels to provide an improved appearance and complete waterproofing. These products can also be combined with Basement to Beautiful panels to provide insulation for the area if desired.
  • Repairing existing walls: If you’ve already finished your basement with drywall and discovered first hand how badly water can damage it, your Total Basement Finishing dealer can help. We use EverLast Panels for drywall repair to ensure that sections of your wall that have already been exposed to water are protected. This will give you protection in high risk areas without requiring a full scale replacement.

No matter what type of basement finishing project you have in mind, we have a basement wall product for you. If you’re interested in learning more about all our basement wall panels and what they can offer for your home, call your local Total Basement Finishing dealer today.

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