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From Basement to Bedroom: Building a Guest Room in time for the Holidays!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Washington Home and Garden Magazine reminds us that it is time to get ready for the holidays and to host the people we love by providing them with comfortable, cozy guest rooms. The article has excellent tips on how to make sure your guests have the best time possible. Creating a guest room or in-law […]

Basement Home Theater

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

 By Tim Manson While many of the ideas on this website are centered around brightening up your basement and keeping it from looking like an old cave, there is one option in which a cave might be the appropriate setting.  If you’re looking for somewhere to escape the summer heat and catch the latest blockbuster movie, […]

Turning Basements into Home Offices

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

By Donna Kshir Creating the perfect home office is vital to your success while working from home, and your finished basement is a great location to create an office space. Your basement offers familiar surroundings to you and your family, but it also offers a safe and private location to handle your business. 

Before considering […]

Basement Lighting Ideas

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

By Marion Reed One of the many ways to make any home feel more expansive and comfortable is to finish and decorate the basement.  However, basements are a bit different from the above ground rooms.  Basement ideas for décor need to focus on lighting, as many basements have small windows or few to no windows.  […]

Turn a Basement into a Personal Gym

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

By Nicole Kinsman It’s time to turn that forgotten basement into a useful space. When renovating your basement the first thing to consider is what purpose the room will have. While there are many options for this space, this article will discuss transforming your basement into a personal gym. There are several important steps to […]

Turning a Basement into a Gameroom

Monday, July 25th, 2011

By Elizabeth Gormley When it comes to transforming your basement into a gameroom, the possibilities are truly endless.  After enlisting the help of a basement finishing contractor, the fun begins. Do you want a theme room, like your favorite sport, a casino lounge, or pub decor?  To be wise, it is best to avoid a […]

Basement Finishing Systems

Monday, July 25th, 2011

By Elizabeth Gormley In many homes, the basement is a cold, dark storage space with concrete floors that’s more than a little bit spooky.  But with today’s basement finishing systems, it’s possible to transform this scary area into a warm and welcoming place as bright as any room upstairs.  Basement finishing works like adding another […]

Basement Design: Build the Perfect Kid’s Play Room with TBF.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Total Basement Finishing products are perfect to build just about any type of basement room you can think of. They are resilient, versatile and impeccably finished, giving you the high end look you expect in a remodeled basement. However, if there is one type of room where TBF’s exclusive features are especially desirable, that room […]

Basement Lighting – No limitations, only possibilities.

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

One of the most challenging and often overlooked areas in basement design is lighting. To compensate for the usual lack of natural day light, most people resort to bright overhead lights that will spread light evenly throughout the room, to prevent it from looking like a dungeon. While that approach might make sense for a […]

Need Basement Remodeling Ideas? Check out this cool finished basement gallery on Facebook

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

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